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55. Assistententagung Öffentliches Recht
Tagung der Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter, Wissenschaftlichen Assistentinnen und Assistenten. Augsburg 2015
Nomos,  2016, 334 Pages, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-8452-6170-6

49,00 € incl. VAT
49,00 € incl. VAT
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englischIn recent years, new developments in politics and the society's increasing discontent with existing structures of democracy are challenging lawyers around the world, as well as the discipline of law as such. Hence, the question arises in how far law itself is realistically able to ensure peace and solve conflicts, as it is originally intended to. Inspired by the prominent example of the Peace of Augsburg of 1555, the following fourteen abstracts contest today’s understanding of and relation between law and peace in general. The core question, if and in how far contemporary public law fulfills the functions of ensuring peace and solving conflicts, especially in regard to the new challenges of the 21st century.

With constribution by:

Minou Banafsche (Kassel), Christian Ernst (Hamburg), Gabriel Gertsch (St. Gallen), Rafael Häcki (Bern), Martin Heidebach (München), Ralph Janik (Wien), Anika Klafki (Hamburg), Christoph Krönke (München), Matthias Lachenmann (Oldenburg), Felix Lange (Berlin), Florian Meinel (Berlin), Birgit Peters (Münster), Armin Steinbach (Bonn), Lorin-Johannes Wagner (Graz)