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Regel oder Ausnahme? - Die einstweilige Leistungsverfügung am Beispiel des § 83 EEG 2014

Nomos,  2016, 399 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-3159-6

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englischThe 2014 German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2014) contains in section 83 a special provision governing interim relief for plant operators vis-à-vis network operators. Departing from the basic nature of interim relief, the EEG 2014 provides that plant operators may use an interim order of performance (Leistungsverfügung) to enforce their rights, and modifies the requirements as to the grounds for an injunction. The book concerns itself firstly with the basic principles of the interim order of performance under the German Code of Civil Procedure and takes a critical look at the restrictive way in which it is applied in practice. The major part of the book discusses the specifics of section 83 of the EEG 2014, analysing the remedies available in different practical constellations covered by the Act. Special attention is given to the relevant case law, highlighting the fact that in legal practice often too little attention is paid to the spirit and purpose of the rule.