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Identitätsprozesse junger lesbischer und bi Frauen

Tanz zwischen Heteronormativität und lesbischem/bi Selbstbewusstsein
Mit einem Vorwort von Dr. Claudia Krell und Dr. Kerstin Oldemeier
Tectum,  2023, 164 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8288-4867-2

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The work is part of the series Young Academics: Soziale Arbeit (Volume 2)
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englischIn this grounded theory research study, the author examines identity processes among young lesbian/bi women in German-speaking Switzerland by focusing on the conditions of and contributing factors to these processes as well as the actions of young lesbian/bi women. Nine narrative interviews with 15 to 25-year-old lesbian/bi women provide the data basis. The identity processes are depicted in a model and appear in particular as the impact of heteronormativity and the women’s struggle with it, as well as a growing lesbian/bi self-awareness as a result of various factors and strategies. The author discusses the results theoretically and in relation to the current state of research. Finally, he outlines their implications for social work practice.

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