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Qualität in der stationären Langzeitpflege

Eine Untersuchung der Trägerstrukturen
Tectum,  2022, 158 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8288-4833-7

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englischLiberalisation, the shortage of skilled workers and the economisation of the care landscape pose major challenges for care facilities. In Germany, charities still have a dominant market position. However, this could change in the future due to the "Nursing Home-Industry Complex". Eibe Hinrichs investigates how the development of the carrier and legal form, from a non-profit to a private sector, affects the quality of care and care by means of a scoping review, which he complements with his own practical experience as a nurse in geriatric care as well as clinic and managing director of his own company in the inpatient long-term care of the elderly.

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