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Pernice | Tanchev

Ceci n'est pas une Constitution - Constitutionalisation without a Constitution?

7th International ECLN-Colloquium Sofia, 17 - 19 April 2008
Bearbeitet von Mattias Wendel
Nomos,  2008, 249 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8329-4132-1

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The work is part of the series European Constitutional Law Network-Series (Volume 7)
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englischThe present volume provides a thorough analysis of the Lisbon Treaty carried out by leading experts in the field of European constitutionalism. Beyond the discussion of the principal reform steps, it addresses fundamental questions of European constitutional development, being insofar of particular interest for everyone legally or politically interested in Europe.


Alongside the presentation of main aspects of the institutional reform as well as major changes in EU-policy fields, the study is specifically focused on the constitutional dimension of the Reform Treaty. In addition to an in-depth appraisal in terms of constitutional theory, special consideration is attached to basic constitutional elements of the Lisbon Treaty, like the protection of fundamental rights. Furthermore, ways of future treaty amendment and new solutions for potential ratification crisis are discussed.

The present volume is the result of the European Constitutional Law Network’s conference held 2008 in Sofia. Coordinated by its founding member Ingolf Pernice, the network gathers academics and judges from more than twenty states, in view of transnational dialogue as well as academic cooperation.