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Rechtsfragen bei der Öffnung lokaler Internetzugänge

Nomos,  2015, 504 Pages

ISBN 978-3-8487-2310-2

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The work is part of the series Schriften zum Medien- und Informationsrecht (Volume 13)
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englischThe exponential growth of the Internet continues unabated. In addition to the expansion of broadband lines, a change of strategy and behavior are increasingly required in relation to the distribution of network resources. Being the intermediary between Internet users, content providers and host providers, the local Internet access provider plays a key role in this process of change. He is able to provide a mobile connection to the Internet through a local network infrastructure and can thus significantly relieve the mobile data traffic. At the same time, he is exposed to a variety of legal requirements that are often perceived as a major obstacle and that can prevent the desirable effects of opening the local Internet access. The focus of this review is the legal framework that accompanies the opening process of local Internet access points.

&raquoDie Dissertation (Freiburg 2014/2015) geht davon aus, dass die Öffnung von lokalen Access-Points wünschenswert, gar notwendig ist. In der Folge ist eine Vielzahl von regulatorischen Anforderungen zu beachten, die in der sehr umfangreichen und gründlichen Ausarbeitung systematisch dargestellt werden.&laquo 10/2015