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Common European Sales Law (CESL)

- Commentary -
Nomos,  2012, 816 Seiten, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-8452-6546-9

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The landscape of European Sales Law is rapidly taking shape. In October 2011, the European Commission proposed a Common European Sales Law (CESL) to facilitate cross-border transactions between businesses and between businesses and consumers. It contains a complete sales law and provisions for the supply of digital content and purchase of related services.
The Commentary analyses all 202 articles of the CESL, explains their function and doctrinal context and indicates the possible problems of their application. In doing so it offers a critical contribution to the legislative procedure and prepares practising lawyers, legal scholars and students for the use of the new European case law. Each article is dealt with in the same structure:
• Function and underlying principles
• Systematical context
• Analysis and interpretation, including references to potential problems in practice
• Criticism and possible improvements
The authors are renowned jurists from numerous European countries and with great experience in European and international contract law.

»verdienen es bei der Ausarbeitung des neuen Entwurfs berücksichtigt zu werden. Als fundierte Dokumentationen eines Zwischenstands auf dem Weg zu einem gemeinsamen europäischen Vertragsrecht sind sie von bleibendem Wert für die europäische Privatrechtswissenschaft.«
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Gregor Christandl, LL.M. GPR 2015, 55