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Cole | Donais | Fluri

Defence and Security Sector Governance and Reform in South East Europe

Regional Perspectives
Nomos,  2004, 268 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8329-1048-8

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This volume analyses the Stability Pact South East Europe Self-Assessment Studies (published electronically and publicly accessible at www.dcaf.ch) with the three-fold aim of enhancing the relevance of the original papers, analysing their findings for the benefit of local, national, regional and international decision-makers, and preparing the ground for a possible more comprehensive phase of the Stock-Taking Programme.
Western and regional contributors were asked to assess the quality of the papers, address any omissions, add contextual information they perceived to be relevant, and, on the basis of those findings, make constructive suggestions and recommendations for enhanced international institutional engagement in the region.
Three types of analysis were commissioned: analyses of the self-assessment papers by country; region-wide analyses of the topical papers; and a conclusive chapter surveying not only the self-assessment papers in the original volumes but also the thematic and national analyses in this volume, data from the Swiss MFA Stability Pact mandated Expert Formation and Transparency in Defence Programmes studies.