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Conzelmann | Smith

Multi-Level Governance in the European Union: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead

Nomos,  2008, 269 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8329-3838-3

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In recent years, the debate on the future institutional shape of the European Union has centred on the Constitutional Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty as its less ambitious (but possibly equally abortive) successor. The debate has thus neglected the emergence of a wide variety of "new" and "multi-level" forms of governing. The present volume takes stock of these debates and asks critical questions about policy conflicts and the effectiveness and legitimacy of these forms of governance: Under what conditions can they stand up to the high expectations that are put in them by their supporters?

The volume offers reflections on the notion of network governance, Multi-Level Governance and the difficult issue of democratic accountability, as well as empirical case studies from the structural funds area as well as from environmental policy broadly conceived.

»ein Beispiel für die Komplexität der aktuellen institutionellen Probleme der EU - einer Komplexität, der die Autoren in ihren Beiträgen vollauf gerecht werden.«
Marinke Gindullis, ZPol 08.04.09