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Castillo Lluch | Kailuweit | Pusch

Linguistic Landscape Studies

The French Connection
Rombach Wissenschaft,  2019, 266 Seiten, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-96821-622-5

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Das Werk ist Teil der Reihe Freiburger Romanistische Arbeiten (Band 15)
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Despite some pioneering work on Linguistic Landscapes (LL) referring to French, comparatively few publications exist which are devoted to the LL in the francophone world. The objective of this collective volume is to bring together case studies within ‹francophone› areas in a broad sense as a basis for empirical research; i.e. spaces where French is involved either as a dominant or as a (sociolinguistically) subordinate language, or as a contact language. It deals with areas where French is the official language and/or where another (inter-)national language, regional languages with variable degrees of official recognition and/or non-territorialized languages of migrant communities are used apart from French. The 11 chapters included in this volume explore various phenomena that are observable in the LL of regions in Europe (in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy), in the Middle East (Israel), in North America (Canada), the Caribbean (islands of Guadeloupe and St. Martin), and in the Indian Ocean (island of Réunion).

»this book represents the first edited LL collection to focus exclusively on French and its associations in different francophone settings around the globe. Following a short introduction, the editors present eleven chapters of significant geographical, theoretical, and methodological scope. Critics might consider such a range indiscriminate, however in this case it demonstrates the variability of interests currently underpinning LL studies and its related fields… the volume will benefit scholars interested not only in French and francophone questions, but also in language contact, developing LL methodologies, and the ongoing discussions around the relationship between quantitative and qualitative analytical strategies.«
Will Amos, Linguistic Landscape 6:3/2020