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Exploratory grammar learning in a multimedia environment

Tectum,  2012, 528 Seiten, gebunden

ISBN 978-3-8288-2950-3

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How do second language (L2) learners go about learning English grammar? How do they make use of their knowledge of a second language when working with computer-assisted language learning (CALL) materials? What role do individual differences play in the way in which learners work together in language-learning activities? Why are some learners resistant to instruction? These are the questions that this book addresses. Written in a readable and engaging style, the book takes an undogmatic and refreshing look at second language acquisition (SLA) research and investigates what learners actually do when working with L2 learning materials. The chapters include: An up-to-date review of the history of SLA as a field of research. An in-depth overview of the role played by explicit knowledge of L2 grammar. A critical discussion of the role of grammar instruction. An outline of the impact of individual factors on the L2 acquisition process. Key insights into the potential of multimedia CALL for L2 learning. Written by a researcher with many years of English teaching experience at university and secondary school level, it addresses the concerns of teachers, CALL practitioners and SLA researchers alike, providing insights from the interface of SLA theory and hands-on L2 pedagogy.