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Fair Management

How to Stop Ruling and Start Leading
With prefaces by Prof. Götz W. Werner, founder of dm-drogerie markt, and Lucie Ledoyen, HR trivago
Tectum,  2021, 374 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-4565-7

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Contemporary personnel management is faced with a number of challenges as work becomes increasingly digital and more flexible in terms of time. ‘New Work’, ‘agile management’ and a genuine culture of dealing with errors have revolutionised personnel management. What becomes especially apparent in this respect is that managers can foster their employees’ commitment to work through their management style.
In this book, Heinz Siebenbrock presents a management model based on trust in and appreciation of employees, which encourages their initiative and enables managers to be both fair and successful in their work. By connecting the model to current concepts of management and by presenting a series of case studies, the author demonstrates how managers can develop their own ethical style of management.

Heinz Siebenbrock is Professor of Economics at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. As a management consultant, he offers practical seminars not just aimed at managers on leadership, strategy and organisation. Siebenbrock is the author of numerous publications on Business Studies.

»Management, das die Basis auf Wertschätzung, Nachhaltigkeit und Vertrauen legt, ist fair, einfach und erfolgreich. Hier erfahren Sie die Anleitung dazu.«
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