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The Living Dead - Postmodern Icons of Horror

The Oeuvre of George A. Romero
Tectum,  2011, 141 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-2616-8

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""Dead People don’t move around and talk!"" Oh yes, they do. With the release of his 1968 instant classic ""Night of the Living Dead"", George A. Romero unleashed the hordes of the undead. Since then, the world of horror has never been the same again. In the wake of ""Dawn of the Dead’s"" tremendous success, zombies have become one of the most popular creatures on the silver screen, and the hype keeps growing. Florian Feyerabend shows that the zombie has come a long way: The shuffling ghoul started its journey on eerie plantations in the Caribbean, and went on to invade the consumer paradise in America’s malls. But how did the zombie evolve into a postmodern icon of American pop culture? The author takes a close look at George A. Romero’s oeuvre to provide an insightful overview on the history of zombie cinema. For the first time in a single volume, all six films of Romero’s ""Living Dead"" series are featured. Beginning with ""Night of the Living Dead"", the examination incorporates all of Romero's ensuing zombie movies, and eventually concludes with ""Survival of the Dead"", the last installment from 2010. After all, Feyerabend’s examination is dedicated to explore the reasons for the enduring popularity of Hollywood’s most versatile and arguably lovable creature – not only in horror movies, but also in books, comics, and videogames.