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The Trinity as Communio: A model for church collaboration in Nigeria

Tectum,  2011, 387 Seiten, broschiert

ISBN 978-3-8288-2758-5

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Hubert Ibe Opara in his book explains how the trinitarian communion – a diversity within a unity – can function as a model for Church collaboration and unity in the Church and societies in Africa in general and in Nigeria in particular. He highlights how the model of the Trinity as communio for the Church in Africa and Nigeria in particular can be a perfection of the African communitarian culture and heritage, and an example and model of the unity and oneness that should exist both in the Church and the society. He looks into the African traditional society, especially its religion, culture and organization and produces sound and generally acceptable theological thoughts, which are unique to the African Christian perspective and in line with contemporary theological methods and discussions. He challenges the African Christian to reflect on the truth that human existence is a life lived in true collaboration, solidarity and communion. Hubert Ibe Opara is of the view that life in the society and Church should evoke some proactive and pragmatic responses from theology and some of these he highlights in his book.