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Greve | Özdemir | Motika

Aesthetic and Performative Dimensions of Alevi Cultural Heritage

Ergon,  2020, 219 Seiten, E-Book

ISBN 978-3-95650-641-3

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This volume examines the aesthetic and performative dimensions of Alevi cultural heritage from past to present, in an interdisciplinary framework and using a wide range of approaches. The chapters analyse traditional, contemporary and transnational developments of Alevi cultural expression including modern adaptations, local and regional practices, Alevism in a wider context, textual sources and materiality. The perspectives of the various authors, including Robert Langer, Nicolas Elias, Sinibaldo De Rosa, Jérôme Cler, Judith Haug, Janina Karolewski and others, each coming from different disciplines, demonstrate the complexity of socio-historical and socio-cultural dynamics. To conclude, the present volume is intended as a first approach to a complex issue, which definitely deserves further research and analysis.

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